"In Memoriam"

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Original Paintings And Poetry

Isabela Huin


Working in many styles,

from abstract or contemporary to visionary

Abstract Paintings

"Antelope Canyon"

Oil on Canvas – 18” x 22″

"Matrix #2"

Acrylic on Paper – 24″x18″


Acrylic on Canvas – 44″x37″




Acrylic on Canvas – 44″x36″

"Magic Hands"

Acrylic on Canvas – 44″x34″

"Matrix #1"

Acrylic on Paper – 24″x18″


Acrylic on Canvas – 46″x31″


Acrylic on Canvas – 42″x31″

Who Am I?

Isabela is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Romania. She began studying and painting in 1980, while living in Paris, France.

Her initial style was symbolic and visionary. At the same time Isabela was writing poetry and her art work done between 1980 and 1991 was inspired by previously written poems.

In Paris, France, she chose oil painting as her favorite media, not only because of its richness and brilliance, but also for the unlimited possibilities it offers with transparency and luminosity. The paintings she executed between 1982 and 1990 have a spiritual background and are inspired by the practice of meditation and reflections on arts: music and dance in particular.

Isabela moved to California in 1987, following her husband in a professional move. In the United States she changed media, switching from oil to acrylic and began painting in an abstract, modern style, which she kept until today. Acrylic provided her with a better control of color, while experimenting with feelings and ideas that all artists project in their work.

Holding a BA in Philosophy from the University of Paris, France, and a former language teacher in California, Isabela showed her art work in local galleries in Palo Alto, California, such as Pacific Art League, where she continued her fine arts education and participated in juried art shows.

In 2005 Isabela and her husband moved to Arizona. She is now exhibiting her art work in the Valley of the Sun and she contributes to the promotion of arts and cultural diversity as a Commissioner for the City of Gilbert’s Human Relations and Arts Promotion Commission

My Last Shows

A Selection of my Poems

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My Creative Journey

Isabela’s childhood was immersed in the byzantine heritage of the Romanian Orthodox Church where her maternal grandfather was a deacon. From there she moved to Paris, France, her husband’s country and the world capital of fine arts, where she further educated and shaped her taste, ideas and techniques. It is also in Paris that she learned about the esoteric art of Rudolph Steiner, and traveled to Switzerland to see it first hand. From this, in 1980, sprang the visionary painting series that has continued until today in parallel with her abstract art work.
Isabela continued her fine arts training in California acquiring additional tools to express and nurture the “artist within”. She began a period of abstract work in which the focus was to allow color and movement to give shape to the invisible inner world.
Expressing the subconscious mind? Yes, but not only; the inner universe functions as a mirror of the macrocosm. Painting cosmic “landscapes” and energy fields in vibrating, bold colors, while observing the movement of feelings, has developed into a technique Isabela calls the “free stroke technique”. In the process one tunes-in and allows the “artist within” to take over the creative process. This new partner opens the door to the subconscious and spiritual world: galaxies, underwater landscapes, emotional energy fields or the presence of a supernatural being, they all seek visibility through the magic wand of a spontaneous brush stroke dipped in bold colors.